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Mariners and those in the shipbuilding trades demanded higher wages and better benefits, in the years following WWII.  In 1947, thousands who worked at the Todd Shipyard in Red Hook, Brooklyn went on strike.   They were not alone. 67,000 workers,...

The Chandra B is a 79 ft by 23 ft double-hull bunkering tanker  and part of American Petroleum Transport's fleet of service vessels that work the New York Harbor. As part of APT's fleet, the Chandra B delivers fuel to many of the vessels in the...

Subjects: Maritime

The Red Hook Flats Anchorage in New York Harbor was constructed to accommodate ocean going cargo ships and tankers. It provides a spot for ships to anchor off shore. To suit ships of different depths portions of it are 35, 40, and 45 feet deep. 

Subjects: Maritime

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