NYCHA information - Management Offices, Residents Associations, Sandy recovery & resiliency plans

The NYCHA public housing in Red Hook is the largest NYCHA development in Brooklyn, and the second largest in New York City. It is where the overwhelming majority of Red Hook residents live.

The NYCHA footprint has many Red Hook WaterStories associated with it since it is largely located where there were tide mill ponds, waterfront-related businesses, the work history of many of the residents over the years, and the great damage done by hurricane Sandy. 

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Org chart 

Red Hook East Development
map and list of buildings 

Red Hook West Development
map and list of buildings 

NYCHA Management office Red Hook East
62 Mill St, Brooklyn, NY, 11231
(718) 852-6771

NYCHA Management office Red Hook West
55 Dwight St, Brooklyn, NY, 11231
(718) 522-3880

Red Hook West Residents Association

  • President Ms. Lillie Marshall
  • Meeting day/time 2nd Tuesday, 6:30pm
  • Meeting location: Office 428 Columbia apt 1C, between W9th and Lorraine, west side of street, by flagpole
  • Email  
  • No website

Red Hook East Tenants Association

  • President Mrs. Frances Brown
  • Meeting day/time 3rd Wednesday, 6:30
  • Meeting location: 167 Bush Street, Apt 1B
  • Email, (347) 489-6095
  • No website

NYCHA official Sandy Recovery updates 
NYCHA Sandy recovery monitoring 

Official NYC Sandy funding tracker

NYCHA Resiliency upgrades
Official NYCHA RFP for state-of-the-art microgrid; heat & power generation system at Red Hook Houses 

NYCHA Resiliency plan
This is from a presentation made to the Red Hook community as part of a process seeking community input.  

The resiliency upgrades planned by NYCHA will provide great improvements to residents of the development and benefit Red Hook as a whole.

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