41 Seabring Street
Brooklyn, Ny 11231

As of June 18, 2020 De-Construkt was forced to cease all programs due to the Corona pandemic and may not reopen. 

Founder Laura Arena posted on Facebook:
"dear friends of De Construkt, with a heavy heart, I share with you De Construkt will not be reopening with the lift of restrictions in NYC. As you all know with Corona we had to cancel our entire program because of lockdown. When it was clear in March there was a pandemic all our artists and studio rentals were canceled and we were faced with reimbursing artists and having an empty studio. I witnessed 11 years of work dismantle itself within a few days at the beginning of the pandemic."
[The complete Facebook post is available here]

Description prior to the pandemic shutdown:

DE-Construkt is a gallery, residency and art space founded and run by Laura Arena, who formerly ran Lucky Gallery in Red Hook.

Starting in March 2018, they have a potluck dinner for Red Hook artists on the last Sunday of the month.

From their website:

"The artistic arm of DE-CONSTRUKT Design, DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] develops projects with local and international artists that support the cross pollination of ideas and experimentation among cultural diverse artists and audiences.

Artists have opportunity to produce new works individually or collaboratively, with a focus on experimentation. DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] provides space to create temporal work and encourages the formation of new networks. Our interest is in process rather than final outcomes. We serve to support new ideas and new ways of expression to share with the local community at large and abroad.

DE-CONSTRUKT Design is a full service creative studio based in Brooklyn, NY. Since 2009, DE-CONSTRUKT Design has been working across a varied range of disciplines, from identity, branding, visual design, video production and user interfaces to conceptualizing complex online communication. We manage every project with enthusiasm and passion and specialize in design, art directing and web development."


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