Community Fridge at Jam’It Bistro - Hashtag Lunchbag Brooklyn

Community Fridge location
367 Columbia Street, outside of Jam’It Bistro

During the pandemic of 2020 Anaika Forbes, who established the Brooklyn branch of @Hashtag Lunchbag in 2016, teamed up with Tiffany Davis of the Red Hook Art Project (RHAP) and Dawn Skeete of Jam’It Bistro to set up a community fridge.  The fridge is located outside of Jam’It Bistro, 367 Columbia Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn.  

Jam’It Bistro has been a very strong and generous player in Red Hook mutual aid response to Covid including cooking free hot meals for months with the support of World Kitchen.

A second fridge was inaugurated in June 2021 outside of Fort Defiance restaurant and gourmet general  store. 

The general rules of the community fridges are:

  • All items are free
  • Take what you need
  • Leave what you can
  • Always practice saftey (masks, gloves, hand sanitizer)
  • No raw meat
  • Please date an label all foods
  • No open or partially wrapped foods
  • No prepared foods unless previously authorized
  • Please keep fridge neat and clean 
Instigram: @hashtaglunchbagbk

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