Uncouth Vermouth

Vermouth distiller.  http://uncouthvermouth.com/

From their website:
"Uncouth Vermouth grew out of one woman’s fascination with the historical roots of this underappreciated aperitif, and a single-minded desire to create an authentic platform from which to celebrate that which is hyper-seasonal and hyper-local.

Vermouth is, simply, a fortified, aromatized wine. More often than not, we begin with a white wine base pillaged from our good friends at Red Hook Winery in Brooklyn, add in our own foraged mugwort (artemesia vulgaris, the true foundation of vermouth — not, as some would have it, wormwood), and a smattering of locally available plants, herbs, barks, roots, leaves, fruits and et cetera, harvested at the height of their deliciousness and captured in bottle to showcase the unique terroir of their origins."



Street Address:

Tasting room at 250 Van Brunt Street [map]

Official Website:


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