Fire in "Tinkerville," 1873

A fire destroyed the property of five families living in shanties by the water at Red Hook Point, June 23, 1873.  "The locality in question is a low section of made ground lying between King, Columbia and Richard streets, and is built upon by poor people, who dwell in shanties.  This settlement of squatters derive their support  largely through the tinkering and junk business."

Not developed marshey areas of Red Hook's coastline were the home for many dwon on their luck sailors and others over the years, notably a shanty town in 1920s known as ├śrkenen Sur by its largely Norwegian residents. 

"Fire in 'Tinkerville': The Red Demon's Raid in South Brooklyn- Excitement at Red Hook Point- Five Families Burned Out- Lost About $3,000"


Jun. 23, 1873



  • "Fire in 'Tinkerville,'"Evening Telegram. June 23, 1873

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