Below are historical maps of Red Hook, along with several recent ones.

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"Ratzer Plan of the City of New York, 1766"


Bernard Ratzer surveyed the New York City region (including Red Hook, Brooklyn) for the British in 1766-7. His map is the most accurate one known of…

"Plan of the Town of Brooklyn and Part of Long Island"
Ratzer/Stiles 1767 map.


A version of Bernard Ratzer’s map made by him for the British Government in 1767. A copy of this map appears in Henry R. Stiles’, 1867 book A History…

Map of Brooklyn and greater part of King's County, Long Island, ca. 1770

1770-Old map of Brooklyn-LOC - crop4.jpg

A hand-drawn map of Brooklyn from the 1770s, showing Red Hook, "the road to the new ferry" and distances from Flatbush.

Plan of the City of New York in North America: surveyed in the years 1766 & 1767 by British engineer Bernard Ratzer.

Plan of the City of New York (1766 & 1767).jpg

A map of the tip of Manhattan and southwest Brooklyn between the years of 1766-1767. Bernard Ratzer surveyed Brooklyn for the British Government just…

Map of Property of John Dikeman & others to be sold, 1836

1836 Map - belonging to John Dikeman & others-LOC.jpg

The large expance of Brooklyn Red Hook property of John Dikeman and others was mapped in preparation of it sale on Monday, August 29, 1836.The map…

1844 Hassler Coastal survey of Staten Island and Gowanus with oyster mudflats (cropped to Gowanus Bay)


1844 Coastal Survey. Red Hook's watery past has a bearing on how this place floods in current times. This map shows the topography at the end of Red…

View of Atlantic Dock and Vicinity, ca. 1846

view of Atlantic Dock and Visinity ca. 1856 -Projected Vision - old print gallery.jpg

An artist's rendering of a possible future Red Hook that never was. The birds-eye view of the Atlantic Dock was possibly done for the Atlantic Dock…

Map of the city of Brooklyn, L.I.: shewing the streets as at present existing with the buildings and the intended canal and other works, 1850

1850 - Map of the city of Brooklyn - 24percent - Red hook Crop.jpg

1850 Map of the City of Brooklyn by J. F Harrison, published by M. Dribbs. Atlantic Dock has been built by this time but Erie Basin had not and much…

Map of the consolidated city of Brooklyn, for Bishop's Manual of the Corporation, 1859

1859 - Map of the consolidated city of Brooklyn, for Bishop's manual of the corporation - nypl.digitalcollections256-crop.jpg

This 1859 map shows the established Atlantic Basin in Red Hook, and a neighboring "Proposed Basin" that was not built as shown. The large Erie…

Insurance maps of the Warehouses, &c. in Brooklyn, 1861

1861-Insurance Maps of the Warehouses-Brooklyn_Title page.jpg

Insurance maps of the Warehouses, &c. in Brooklyn from the Navy Yard to Portition Street, By W M. Perris, C.E. and Surveyor. Perris & Browne,…

Map encompassing Red Hook, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Gowanus Canal, 1869

Map 1869 -  encompassing Red Hook - nypl.digitalcollections.510d47e2-49e6-a3d9-e040-e00a18064a99.001.g.jpg

This 1869 map of Red Hook, reveals some of what was there at the there at the time, but also shows the Brooklyn Basin which was approved by the…

Farm Line Map of the City of Brooklyn, 1874

Index to map of the city of Brooklyn and East New York

Farm Line Maps of the City of Brooklyn compiled and drawn by Henry Fulton, Civil Engineer of Brooklyn, Long Island from oficicial records and surveys.…

Map: Clinton Wharf, ca. 1884

Brooklyn Plate No. 4 Map bounded by William St.Clinton Wharf Commerce St Imlay St -COLORreduc.jpg

Clinton Wharf is on the southwest side of Atlantic Basin. It was probably named in honor of DeWitt Clinton, governor of New York and father of the…

Gowanus Bay Improvement Plan, 1892

1892 USACE Improv Gowanus Bay map.jpg

Improvement of Gowanus Bay, New York Harbor, N.Y: a 1892 map showing Red Hook, Gowanus Creek and Bay Ridge Channels as well as Atlantic Basin, Erie…

Sewerage, Erie Basin and The Report of the Metropolitan Sewerage Commission of New York, 1910


Sample No. 2, Marked from 017 Erie Basin. Found: Numerous small worms resembling round worms, 0r Nematodes. Numerous diatoms, Oogonia, Conferva…

Workers Compensation: Joseph Stephens v. Beard's Erie Basin. 1928

Stephens v Beards Erie Basin _ 1928 _ Exhibit B.jpg

In 1928, Joseph Stephens, an employee of Beard's Erie Basin, tripped on a winch handle, fell and hurt his arm.  The State Industrial Board awarded him…

Map of Port Facilities - Upper Bay Brooklyn
War Department, 1932

1932 - Port Map -strubeck _Just map.jpg

1932 map of the piers and port businesses of Red Hook from Atlantic Basin to the Erie Basin for  the War Department / Corps. of Engineers, U.S. Army.…

1975 Red Hook Sewer Map


NYC DEP Department of Water Resources Red Hook Water Pollution Control Project , Capital Project WP-152, Borough of Brooklyn, Existing Sewers

Sandy Storm Surge map, 2012

Sandy Storm Surge map (c) Jim McMahon.jpg

This map was researched, created and generously shared with the Red Hook community by Red Hook resident Jim McMahon who wanted to help his neighbors…

Gowanus Watershed With 1766 Marshes and 2013 Sandy Flood Line

Watershed Map showing Sandy flooding, storm runoff, former marshes by Eymund Diegel<br />

Sandy essentially flooded anyone who built on the former tidal marshes. Map Explanation by mapmaker Eymund Diegel: Red lines are the upland Sandy…

Sandy Damage to Red Hook Trees


2013 Sandy Flood saline impacted tree survey for the Parks Department

School curriculum map: 1766 Ratzer Survey map overlaid with modern land outlines, plus historical info. Created in 2014.

0_Gowanus_History_Map_1766_2014 updates-grab.jpg

Bernard Ratzer was a military surveyor who mapped the Gowanus marshes and farms in 1766. The map was calibrated to 2004 New York City digital base map…

Map of Historic Location of Creeks and Streams in Red Hook & Gowanus, 2014

2014 Street Creek Gowanus Watershed Siting Study Map_raster.pdf

This map contains community group research (Gowanus Canal Conservancy / Public Lab) on finding stream restoration opportunities in the Gowanus…

Eymund Diegel map: Red Hook streams ponds place names

Eymund Diegel RH streams ponds place names - draft 2.jpg

2016 draft map created by Eymund Diegel, based on his research describing Red Hook streams, ponds, tide mills up to around 1850.

1938 Redlining Map of Brooklyn

Brooklyn HOLC-Map.jpg

This map was published in 1938, the same year that PortSide's historic ship MARY A. WHALEN was launched. On this map, Red Hook is mostly in red except…

Flattening Bergen Hill for Red Hook Fill

0_Bergen Hill Gowanus landfilling notes to transfer to GIS.jpg

Bergen Hill once stood tall in Brooklyn, before developers had it carted away for fill to make the Atlantic Docks of Red Hook.  Looking at historic…

Red Hook Flats Anchorage

Red Hook Flats Anchorage-2AB.jpg

The Red Hook Flats Anchorage in New York Harbor was constructed to accommodate ocean going cargo ships and tankers. It provides a spot for ships to…

Map showing Red Hook of 1767 and Today

Map showing Red Hook of 1775 and today.  By Eymund Diegel

Benjamin Ratzer surveyed Brooklyn for the British in 1766-7. Cartographer Eymund Diegel has overlaid the modern street grid onto Ratzer's map …

Map of New York & Environs, 1782

A 1782 map of New York, produced for the British Army.  Modern street overlay by Eymund Diegel

A 1782 map of New York, reproduced from a drawing in the British War Office, printed by B. F. Steven in 1900. The map shows fortifications made…

NYCHA Red Hook Houses built largely on low-lying landfill.

NYCHA-Resiliancy Plan slide _Red Hook1.jpg

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Red Hook Houses, like many other Red Hook buildings, was built on land that was either originally underwater,…

Handy Map of Brooklyn - 1897
Brooklyn Rapid Transit Streetcar Line to the Hamilton Ave. Ferry

Handy map of Brooklyn - nypl.digitalcollections.c6d9c23e-37d0-7a21-e040-e00a180612a8.001.v.jpg

In 1897, commuters could take a streetcar right to the Hamilton Avenue Ferry. From there it was an easy walk to the businesses clustered around…

Erie Basin Property Maps, 2017

erie basin marine assoc property.jpg

Maps showing the current property lines of IKEA, Thor Equities, and the Erie Basin Bargeport in the Erie Basin. We include these to show how there can…