Insurance maps of the Warehouses, &c. in Brooklyn, 1861

Insurance maps of the Warehouses, &c. in Brooklyn from the Navy Yard to Portition Street, By W M. Perris, C.E. and Surveyor. Perris & Browne, Publishers of Insurance Maps, Corrected to October 1861, by Harry, H. Browne. General Insurance Surveyor,

Double Page Plate No. 8; [Map bounded by Hamilton Ave., Bowne St., Imlay St., Commerce St., Ewen St., Ferris St.; Including Wolcott St., Sullivan St., King St., North Pier St., South Pier St.]

Page Plate No. 9; [Map bounded by Conover St., Ferris St., King St.; Including Van Brunt St., Reid St.]

Double Page Plate No. 10; [Map bounded by Irving St., Van Brunt St., Sedgwick St., Degraw St., Beach Place, Sacket St.; Including Ferry Place, Union St., Hamilton Ave., Partition St., Dikeman St., Ferris St., Wolcott St.]

Page Plate No. 11; [Map bounded by Atlantic Basin, Summit St., Gowanus Bay, Van Brunt St.; Including Erie Basin, Bowne St., Imlay St.]

Page Plate No. 12; [Map bounded by Ferris St., Columbia St., Furman St., Joralemon St.; Including Conover St., Partition St., Vandyke St., Irving St., Sedgwick St.]




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