Alcyone Boat Club, 1867

The Alcyone Boat Club was formed around 1867, the first rowing club in the area. It was located at the foot of Court and Smith Streets.

"Another aquatic sport has lately become very popular in this city, though but little attempt has been made to systematize it. At present there is but one club fully and completely organized. This club is composed of young men of wealth and standing, who in this sport which they have chosen as their own, are very enthusiastic. The name of their club is Alcyone. The club is organized as a means of promoting social intercourse among its members, imparting strength to the limbs, and of enjoying leisure hours in an agreeable and social manner..." (The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 30 April 1867, p. 2,

Alcyone and Columbia boat clubs participated in regattas (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 22 Jun 1884,

The Alycone Boat Club merged with the Crescent Boat Club in 1891. (Brooklyn Life, 17 Oct. 1891, p. 12,


Sports and Pastimes -- Yachting and Boating

Sports and Pastimes -- Yachting and Boating

Source: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Feb. 5, 1893, p. 20 View File Details Page

1869 map

1869 map

Detail of "Sheet 5: Map encompassing Red Hook, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Gowanus Canal.", 1869, showing Alcyone Boat Club | Source: | Creator: M. Dripps View File Details Page


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