Edison Beach, Brooklyn's Most Exclusive Swimin' Hole

"You Brooklynites who rush to Coney or Rockaway at the first blush of a hot day don't know your town so very well," read an article in The Standard Union in 1929. "To be actually in the 'swim' you are just a nobody until you have visited Brooklyn's most exclusive watering place.  Edison Beach."

Located near an Edison Electric Plant in Red Hook, the beach is described as being opposite Governor's Island and in Miss Liberty's view.  There boys and girls would dive and swim.  The Standard Union reported in 1928:   "If the Olympic committee wants some divers for 1932 they might do worse than watch some of these water-pirates making graceful headers in the not-too-clean waters along the Erie Basin docks.  At other points, boys alone splash in the waters, and they do not bother to wear bathing suits." 

Edison Beach was still remembered by some 70 years later as evidenced by a question submitted to the southbrooklyn.net blog by Debby Romano in 2003 asking:  "Does anyone remember the White Rock Beverage Co. at the Pier 41 Warehouse? Is it true kids swam up and pinched cases of root beer off the dock? and then swam back to Edison Beach?"

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