Resilient Red Hook, formerly Red Hook NY Rising Committee

Get involved with the evolving Resilient Red Hook committee to help plan Red Hook resiliency and development.

After hurricanes Irene and Sandy, New York State created the NY Rising program, and Red Hook's NY Rising committee was one of many created around the state. It was founded to create a neighborhood resiliency plan with $3 million dollars and provided with state-paid consultants during a work period from September 2013 to April 2014.

The committee continued to meet after completing that State-initiated work in April, 2014.  

In February 2017, the committee changed its name to Resilient Red Hook to reflect that its mission was moving beyond the original State-funded plan. At the same time, it began a process to design its own website.

How to get involved:

The committee meets the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30pm, usually at the Kentler Gallery at 353 Van Brunt Street or Realty Collective at 351 Van Brunt. 

Contact email  

The committee blog which covered the 2013-2014 period is at

History of the NY Rising committee and its resiliency plan for Red Hook: 

The NYS Governors Office for Storm Recovery (GOSR) created the NY Rising "Community Reconstruction Program" (CRP), an 8-month planning process that kicked off in September, 2013, for 45 areas in the state, including Red Hook, affected by storms Sandy, Irene and Lee.  $3MM in federal funding was allocated to Red Hook's plan.  Red Hook, like the other the 45 areas, had to create a plan for the allocated funds by having a state-selected committee of community members work with, and be a liaison between, the community and state-hired consultants.  The committee met every two weeks and had multiple public engagement events.  

The final CRP plans were rolled out in Albany on April 23, 2013:

Mini brochure summarizing the NY Rising Plan

Executive Summary and full final Red Hook NY Rising plan

The Resilient Red Hook webpage conveniently breaks the plan into separate sections, each with its own link 

Official NYS webpages

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