Bark Arrives, Battered, After Perilous Voyage.
(Smutt has a Fit), 1913

Tossed and damaged by strong winds the ANDROMEDA, a four-masted British bark out of Belfast, Ireland arrived at the Erie Basin with tattered sails.

The passage was hard on the crew: “Frank Dunn a seaman apprentice, fell from the rigging and suffered bruises and contusions. Frank Crandall, the cook, who preparing coffee and food for the fatigued crew was scalded when the galley turned topsy-turvy. Elbert Hagedorn was bruised and suffered a deep cut over the eye when he was thrown heavily to the deck. Smutt, the ship’s mascot cat, had a ‘fit’ in the course of the storm and could not be found for days. He was finally discovered under a steward’s chest”
So reported The New York Herald in 1913



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  • “Bark Arrives, Battered, After Perilous Voyage,” The New York Herald. December 8, 1913 

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