Phil Rizzuto remembers Bushey's Shipyard, 1970

Phil Rizutto worked at Bushey's in the 1970s.

"The opening photo of Busheys Shipyard brings back great memories for me since I worked there from 72 till we closed the yard down selling everything of value at auction. My family became close with Ira and Frank Bushey, there was a few years when at least a dozen family members all worked there including my mother who worked up in the office of the controller and paymaster. My uncle Phil was Frank Busheys personal driver and I worked shape up for many of the trades depending on what they neeeded.......great family of folks worked together in this yard since it was smaller than Todds and Navy Yard so everone knew everyone and the old timers kept us younger guys out of harms way since shipyard life can be dangerous if your not focused. 

"Outside the entrance to the yard gate was a stationary lunch wagon, they say the owner was blind but if you gave him a dollar and said it was a ten he knew you were not sure if he had ESP or was only partially 

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