Ships Were Importing What?, 1872

In the 1870s grain made up a bulk of the imports to Red Hook's piers but a wide variety of other goods from around the world were arriving and being stored at its ports.

Major's Storage Guide (1873) published "Rates of Storage and Labor on imported merchandise deposited in the United States Private Bonded Warehouses at the Port of New York."  The list provides a handle on the cornucopia of imports arriving here.

Before we get to the list, here are:
Some definitions and archaic units of measure:

  • Bonded warehouse: a place were foreign imports can be stored or manipulated without the payment of duty or taxes.  Duty is only due only when the goods are sold domestically.
  • Ceroon: a hide-covered bale or package
  • Dholl: a round skein of yarn, wound together and tied up, about 30 inches long and 5 in diameter, thick at one end and narrow at the other.
  • Frail: a kind of basket, used as a commercial unit of weight for fruit and nuts. Depending on the item, a frail could equal anywhere from 32 to 75 pounds. 
  • HHD: Hogshead:  In the United States, a hogshead is defined to hold 2 barrels, or 63 gallons
  • Puncheon: often reckoned as equal to 70 gallons.
  • Tierce: equal to 1/3 butt or 42 United States gallon. The tierce is identical to the petroleum barrel
The List (see the original page images for storage and labor costs.) 


Ale or Porter, in hhds.   

Ale or Porter, (bottles,) in barrels,   

Ale or Porter, (bottles,) in casks,   

Alcohol, in puncheons,   

Anvils, loose,   

Anvils, in casks,   

Antimony, in casks,

Almonds, in frails   

Almonds, in bales,   

Almonds, in casks.   

Almonds, in bags,   

Almonds, in boxes,   

Argols, in casks   

Arrow Root, in kegs, (Bermuda,)   

Arrow Root, in barrels,   

Arrow Root, in cases,   

Ammonia, Acetate, in cases,   

Ammonia, Crude, in hhds.,   

Ammonia, Carbonate, in hhds.,   

Ammonia, Muriate, in hhds.,   

Ammonia, Sal, in hhds   

Ammonia, Sulphate, in cases,   

Ammonia, Aqua, in carboys,   

Alabaster, in cases   

Anise Seed, in bales   

Acid, Acetate, in carboys,   

Acid, Arsenious, in cases,  

Acid, Benzoic, in cases,  

Acid, Arsenious, in kegs,   

Acid, Bracic, in cases,   

Acid, Carbolic, in cases,   

Acid, Citric, in kegs,   

Acid, Tartaric, in cases,   

Acid, Oxalic, in casks,  

Acid, Picric, in cases,   

Acid, Nitric, in carboys   

Acid, Muriatic, in carboys,   

Aloes, in cases,   

Aloes, in chests,   

Aloes, Cape, in cases,  

Aloes, Socotrine, in kegs,   

Aloes, Socotrine, in cases,   

Aloes, Barbadoes, in casks   

Aloes, Bonaire, in boxes,   

Alum, Crude, in cases,   

Alum, Refined, in cases,   

Alum, in barrels,   

Alum, in casks,   

Arsenic, in barrels,   

Arsenic, in kegs,   

Asafetida, in cases,  

Asafetida, in tea chest size,   

Aconite, in bags,  

Aconite, in bales,

Agates, in casks,   

Anchors, per 100 Ibs.   

Albumen, in cases,   

Aluminum, in cases,

Analines, in casks,   

Angelica Root, in bags,   

Angelica Root, in bales,   

Annatto, in baskets,   

Artificial Flowers, in cases,   

Asphaltum, in casks   

Arnica Flowers, in bales,   


Balsam Copaiba, in tin cans,   

Balsam Copaiba, in barrels,   

Balsam Copaiba, in hhds.,   

Balsam Copaiba, in kegs

Balsam Peruvian, iron cans,   

Balsam Peruvian, in cases,   

Balsam Tolu, in cases,  

Bark, (Peruvian,) in bags,   

Bark, ( do. ) in ceroons,  

Bark, Cascarilla, in mats,

Beads, (Trieste,) in cases,  

Beer, in barrels,  

Beer, in hhds.,  

Bees' Wax, in bales,

Blankets, in bales,   

Blankets, in trusses, 2 bales each,  

Boots and Shoes, in cases,  

Bottles, in hampers,  

Bottles, in crates,  

Borax, in casks

Borax, in barrels,  

Borax, in cases  

Brandy, in pipes, per gallon, gross gage,  

Brandy, in half pipes,  

Brandy, in quarter casks,

Brandy, in fifth casks,  

Brandy, in eighth casks, per gal. gross gage,  

Brandy, in cases, 1 dozen in case,  

Brandy, in cases, 16 dozen in case,  

Burlaps, in bales,  

Butter, in kegs,  

Bamboo Sticks, in bundles,  

Bolt Rope, in coils

Bismuth, Oxide, in kegs

Barytes, per 100 Ibs.,   

Bleaching Powders, per 100 Ibs.,  

Black Lead, per 100 Ibs.,   

Black Lead, in barrels,  

Books and Periodicals, in cases,   

Burr Stones, per 100 Ibs.,  

Burgundy Pitch, stands, 110 Ibs.,   

Bacon, in cases,   

Barley, in bags  

Beans, in bags,   

Bitters, in cases,   

Bricks, Fire, loose,  

Bricks, Bath, in casks   

Brimstone, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,  

Bristles, in casks,  

Bark, Calisaya, in ceroons, 100 Ibs.,  

Brazil Nuts, in bags,  

Brazil Nuts, in sacks,   

Baskets, Willow,  

Bees' Wax, in barrels,  

Bonnets, in cases,

Butter of Cocoa, in cases,


Cassia Buds, in cases,

Cassia, in mats, (for 100 mats,)   

Cassia, in chests,  

Cassia, in rolls and bales,  

Camphor, in cases,   

Capers, in boxes  

Carboys, (Vitriol, &c.,)  

Canvas, in bolts,  

Canvas, in bales

Cantharides, in cases,   

Cantharides, in casks,  

Candles, in boxes,  

Camomile Flowers, in bales,   

Camomile Flowers, in casks,   

Carpets, in rolls, (single,)   

Carpets, in cases,   

Carpets, in bales,   

Cheese, (Dutch,) in boxes,   

Cheese, (Roquefort,) in boxes,  

Cheese, in casks,  

Chicory, in casks,  

Chicory Root, in bags,   

Chicory, in barrels,   

Chicory, in bags   

Champagne, in baskets,   

Champagne, in cases,   

Chocolate, in casks,  

Chocolate, in cases,   

Chain Cables, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Citron, in cases,   

Clows, in bags,

Cloves, in bales,  

Cloves, in barrels,

Cloths, in bales

Cloths, (English,) in cases,  

Cocoa, in bags,  

Cocoa Matting, in bales,   

Cochineal, in ceroons  

Codfish, (dry,) per quintal,  

Crockery, in crates,   

Crockery, in casks   

Crockery, in cases  

Cordials, in cases, 1 dozen,  

Cordials, in hhds   

Cordials, in casks,   

Cordials, in puncheons,   

Corks, in bales   

Cork Wood, in bundles or bales,   

Copper, in pigs, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Copper, in sheets, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Copper Ore, in barrels,   

Copper Ore, in bags,   

Cubebs, in bales,   

Cubebs, in bags,   

Currants, in barrels,   

Currants, in carrotels,   

Cinnamon, in bales,   

Coal, Bituminous, per ton,   

China Ware, in casks,   

Church Bells, per 100 Ibs.,   

Cotton Yarn, in cases   

Calf Skins, in cases,   

Carriages, each $5 to $10

Chalk, bulk, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Carpet yarn, in cases,  

Cayenne Pepper, in pods,   

Cayenne Pepper, in pockets,   

Coloring for Brandy, in casks  

Cordage, in coils,   

Cords and Tassels, in cases,   

Cudbear, in casks,  

Camwood, in sticks, per ton,   

Canes. Walking, in cases,   

Castor Beans, in sacks   

Cutch, in bales,   

Cutch, in boxes,   

Catgut Strings, in cases,   

China Clay, in hhds.,   

China Clay, in barrels,   

Chrome Yellow, in casks,  

Cinnabar, in kegs,   

Clocks, in cases,

Clove Stems, in pockets   

Coffee, (Kio,) in sacks   

Coffee, (Maracaibo,) in sacks,   

Coffee, (Java,) in mats   

Coffee, (Java,) in bags,  

Coffee, (Ceylon,) in bags,   

Coffee, (San Domingo,) in bags,   

Coffee, (Laguayra,) in bags   

Coffee, (Laguayra,) in barrels,   

Crash, (Russia,) in bales,   

Cuttle Fish Bone, packages of 4

Copperas, in hhds.  

Cream of Tartar, in Lhds.,  

Cream of Tartar, in casks,  

Cotton, (Pernambuco,) in bales,   

Cotton, in bales

Cotton, (China,) pressed, in bales,  

Coir Fibre, in bales.,   

Chairs, in packages,  

Castor Beans, in bags   

Chow Chow, in cases,  

Crystal Ash, in casks,  

Calomel, in cases  


Dates, in frails

Demijohns, (empty,) 5 galls.

Demijohns, ( do. ) 3 galls  

Demijohns, ( do. ) under 3 galls  

Dry Goods, (Cotton,) in cases,

Dry Goods, (Linens,) do.

Dry Goods, (Hosiery,)   

Dry Goods, (Hdkfs.,)

Dry Goods, (Gloves,)   

Dry Goods, (various,) small cases  

Dry Goods, (Woolen Hosiery,) in casks   

Dundee Linens, bales, all sizes, average,

Dunnage Mats, each,  

Dye Wood, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,  

Daguerreotype Plates, in cases,   

Dandelion Root, in casks,  

Dutch Herrings, in kegs,   

Dutch Herrings, in kits,   

Dutch Herrings, in barrels,   

Dry Paints, in barrels,   

Dragon's Blood, in cases,   



Emery, in kegs,   

Epsom Salts, in tierces   

Elecampane, in barrels,   

Elecampane, in hhds.,  

Elephant's Tusks, loose  

Encaustic Tiles, in crates,

Essential Oil of Orange, in cases, 50 Ibs.

Essential Oil of Orange, in cases, 25 Ibs.,.   

Essential Oil of Bergamot, in cases, 50 Ibs.,  

Essential Oil of Bergamot, in cases, 25 Ibs.,  

Essential Oil of Lemon, in cases, 50 Ibs,

Essential Oil of Lemon, in cases, 25 Ibs  

Essential Oil of Lavender, in cases, 120 Ibs.,  

Essential Oil of Rosemary, in cases, 120 Ibs.,  

Essential Oil of Thyme, in cases, 120 Ibs.,

Essential Oil of Juniper, in cases, 120 Ibs.,   

Essential Oil of Myrbane, in cases, 120 Ibs.,   

Ergot, in tierces,   

Ergot, incases,   

Ether, Sulphuric, in cases,   


Figs, in frails,   

Figs, loose, in drums,   

Figs, loose, in boxes,   

Figs, in cases   

Filberts, in bags,   

Filberts, in bales   

Flour, in barrels,   

Flour, (Sago,) in bags,   

Fish, (Cod,) per quintal,  

Fish, (Mackerel,) in ½ barrels,  

Fish, ( do. ) in barrels,   

Furs, in casks,   

Furs, in cases,   

Furs, in bales,   

Furs, (Nutria,) in bales

Flock, Woolen, in bales,   

Flax, in bales,   

Felt, in bales,   

Fustic, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,  

Fossils, in cases  

Fans, (China,) in cases,   

Fennel Seed, in bags,   

Flax, (New-Zealand,) in bales,   

Feathers, in bales,   

Fire Crackers, in packages,   

Fire Crackers, loose,   

Fire Crackers, in bombs,   

Fruits, in Brandy, (in cases of one dozen,).   

Fruits, in Juice, (in cases of one dozen,).

Fruits, Assorted and Crystalized, (in large cases,)


Gamboge, in cases,  

Gin, in pipes, (per gallon, gross gage,)   

Gin, in ¾ pipes, (per gallon, gross gage,).  

Ginger, in bags,   

Ginger, (East India,) preserved, in cases,

Ginger, in barrels,   

Gum Arabic, in cases,   

Gums, in casks,   

Gum, Barbary,   

Gum, Benzoni, in cases,   

Gum, Copal, in cases,   

Gum, Cape, incases   

Gum, Kowric, in cases,   

Gum, Damar, in cases,

Gum, Frankincense, in cases,   

Gum, Benjamin, in cases,   

Gum, Amber, in tierces,   

Gum, Mastic, in cases,   

Gum, Myrrh, in bales,  

Gum, Senegal, in cases,

Gum, Senegal, in bags,   

Gum, Shellac, in cases,   

Gum, Tragacanth, in cases,   

Gum, Jeddo, in bales,   

Gum, Sandarac, in casks,   

Gum, Guiac, in barrels,   

Gum, Guiac, in boxes,   

Gum Arabic, in ceroons,   

Gum, Copal, in casks,   

Gunny Bags, (3 bush, bags,) in bales,

Gunny Bags, (3 do. )   

Gunny Bags, (4 do. )   

Guns, in cases,   

Glue, in hhds   

Glue, in barrels,  

Gutta Percha, loose, per 100 ps., average,   

Gutta Percha, in baskets,   

Glass, (Window,) in boxes,   

Glass, (Plate,) per square foot, in cases,   

Garancine, in casks,   

Garden Seeds, in cases,   

Gunny Cloth, in bales,   

Gambia, in bales,  

Gambia, in baskets,  

Gambia, in pockets,   

Ginseng Root, in bags,   

Grain Bags,   

Grain, in bulk, per bushel, per month,   

Grass Bags, in bales,   

Grass Cloth, in bales,   

Guava Jelly, in cases,   

Glass, (Window,) in cases,   

Guts, (salted,) in barrels,   

Guts, ( do. ) in kegs,   

Goat Skins, (South American,) in bales,   

Goat Skins, (Cape Good Hope,) in bales,   

Grapes, in casks  

Grapes, in - casks,   

Grapes, in kegs,   


Hardware, in casks,   

Hats, (Maracaibo,) in ceroons,   

Hats, ( do. ) in cases,   

Hats, (Panama,) in cases,   

Hats, ( do. ) in ceroons,  

Hemp, (Manilla,) in bales,   

Hemp, (Italian,) in bales,   

Hemp, loose, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Heinp, (Codilla,) in bales   

Hemp, (Russian,) in bales,

Hemp, (Sisal,) in bales,   

Hemp, (Sunn,) in bales,   

Hemp, Istle, in bales,   

Hemp, Tampico, in bales,   

Hemp Tarn, in winches,   

Hops, in bales   

Hops, compressed, in bales,   

Hide Cuttings, E. I., in bales,  

Hides, Salted, in hlids.,   

Hides, (Dry,) Ox and Cow   

Hides, Deer, (Cape,) in bundles and bales,.   

Hides, Buffixlo, E. L, in bales,  

Hides, Cow, in bales,   

Hide Cuttings, (S. American,) in bales,   

Hides, Salted, loose,   

Honey, in hhds   

Honey, in tierces ,   

Honey, in barrels,   


Indigo, in ceroons,   

Indigo, in cases, 12

Iron, in bars, per ton, 2,240 Ibs., 25

Iron, in rods, per ton, 2,240 Ibs., 25  

Iron, in sheets, per ton, 2,240 Ibs., 25   

Iron, hoop, in bdls., per bdl., 56 Ibs.,   

Iron, do. do. do. 112 Ibs.,

Iron, in pigs, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Iron Tubes   

Iron, Galvanized, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Iron, Old, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Iron Castings, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Ipecac, in ceroons,   

Iron, (Rail-Road,) per ton, 2,240 Ibs., in New- York City,

Iron, Boiler Plates, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,  

Iron Rods, in coils, each   

Iron Wire, in mats, of 60 toll 00 Ibs.,

India or Malacca Joints, in bundles,   

Iron Spikes, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Isinglass, (Russia,) in cases,   

Ivory, Vegetable, in bags,   

Indian Rubber, in barrels,   

Indian Rubber, in cases,   

Indian Rubber, E. I., in baskets,   

Istle Cloth, in bales,   

Indian Rubber, in bags,   


Jalap, in bales   

Jews Harps, in casks or cases,  

Jute, in bales,   

Juniper Berries, in bags,   

Junk, old, in bundles,   

Jute Butts, in bales,  

Jute Rejection, in bales,   

Jewelry, (Gold.) See valuables.


Kirschenwasser, in cases, 1 doz.,   

Kirschenwasser, in hhds.,   

Kreosote, (bottles,) in cases,   


Laces, in cases 20 20   

Lard, in kegs   

Lead, in pigs, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,

Lead, in sheets or in rolls, in casks,   

Lead Pipes, in cases,   

Lead, Black, per 100   

Lead, Red, in kegs   

Lead, White, see White Lead,


Lithographic Stones, in cases,  

Liquorice Paste, in cases,   

Liquorice Sticks, in cases  

Liquorice Root, in bundles,   

Liquorice Root, in bales, each,   

Logwood, per ton, 2,240 Ibs  

Lignum vitae, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Lime, Acetate, in sacks,   

Lime, Citrate, in bags,.   

Lime, Hydrocarbonate, in bags,   

Lime, Borate, in bags,   

Lime, Sulphate, in bags,   

Lime, Phosphate, in bags,   

Lac Dye, in cases,   

Lac, Marine, in cases,   

Lamp Black, in casks,   

Linseed, in bags,

Linseed, in pockets,   

Leather, (French,) in cases,   

Leather, in rolls,   

Leaves, Buchu, in bales   

Leaves, Rose, in casks,   

Lentils, in barrels,   

Leather, in bales,   

Lemons, in boxes,   

Lime, Chloride, per 100 Ibs.,  

Lentils, in bags   

Lac Button, in cases,   

Lint, in cases,   


Macaroni, (Italian,) in cases,   

Macaroni, (French,) in cases,   

Madder, (French,) in casks,   

Madder, (German,) in casks,  

Magnesia, in cases,   

Magnesia, Acetate, in cases,   

Magnesia, Carbonate, in cases,   

Magnesia, Calcined, in casks,   

Magnesia, Calcined, in cases,   

Magnesia, Alba, in cases,   

Manna, in cases   

Marbles, in casks,   

Matting, (East India,) in rolls, 4-4ths, )  

Matting, ( do. ) do. 5-4ths,   

Matting, ( do. ) do. 6-4ths, )  

Matting Coir, in bales,   

Mustard, in cases,   

Musical instruments, in cases,   

Machinery, per cubic foot, in cases,   

Machinery, loose, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Mace, in cases,   

Mathematical Instruments, in cases,   

Moss, (Iceland,) in bales,   

Mushroons, in cases of 100 half boxes,   

Mineral Waters, in cases   

Musket Barrels, in bundles,   

Mustard Seed, in barrels,   

Mustard Seed, in bags,   

Mahogany, per ton, 2,240 Ibs., in logs,   

Marble, in blocks, per cubic foot, 3 .... 5 includ. cartage to yard.

Melado, in hhds.,   

Morocco Skins, in cases,   

Metal Sheathing, in cases,   

Molasses, in hhds.,   

Molasses, in tierces,   

Molasses, in barrels,   


Nails, in kegs,   

Nails, in bags,   

Nut Galls, in bags   

Nutmegs, in cases,   

Nutmegs, in barrels,   

Nutmegs, in casks,   

Neat's Foot Oil, per gallon,   

Nickel , in cases,   

Naphtha, in barrels,   

Newspapers, Illustrated, in bundles,   

Nux Vomica, in bags   


Ochre, in casks,   

Ochre, in barrels,   

Oil, (Olive,) in cases   

Oil, ( do. ) in baskets,   

Oil, ( do. ) per gallon, in casks,

Oil, (Essence,) in cases,   

Oil, Anise, in cases,   

Oil, Cassia, in cases   

Oil, Palm, per gallon, in casks,

Oil, Fish, do. in casks,   

Oil, Linseed, do. in casks,   

Oil Cloth, in cases,   

Oil Vitriol, in carboys,   

Olives, in cases,   

Olives, in jars   

Olives, in kegs,   

Opium, in cases,   

Orchill Weed, in bales,   

Orange Peel, in bales,   

Oranges, in boxes   

Ore, per ton, 2,240 Ibs., in bulk,   

Otto of Rose, in cases,   

Oil, (Cod Liver,) per gallon, in cases,   

Oil, Almond, in cases,   

Oil, Cloves, in cases,   

Oil, Bergamot, in cases,   

Oil, Lavender, in cases,   

Oil, Lemon, in cases,   

Oil, Castor, in cases   


Paints, in barrels,   

Paints, in kegs,

Paper, in bales,   

Paper, in cases,   

Peas, (Preserved,) in cases,   

Peas, (Preserved,) in half cases,   

Palm Leaf, (Esteras.) in cases,   

Palm Leaf, in ceroons,  

Pencils, (Lead,) in cases,  

Palm Leaf, per bundle,  

Pepper, in bags,  

Peruvian Bark, in bags,   

Peruvian Bark, in ceroons,   

Pipes, in boxes,   

Potash, (Hydriodate of,) in cases,

Potash, (Acetate,) in kegs,  

Potash, ( do. ) in cases,  

Potash, (Chromate,) in kegs,  

Potash, (Chlorate,) in kegs,   

Potash, (Bichromate,) in casks,

Potash, (Hydrate,) in cases,  

Potash, (Bromide,) in cases,   

Potash, (Iodide,) in cases,   

Prunes, in casks   

Prunes, in barrels,   

Prunes, in | barrels,

Prunes, in J barrels,  

Prunes, (in paper,) in cases,   

Prunes, (in glass,) in cases,

Preserved Meats, in cases,  

Pimento, in bags,  

Pianos, in cases,  

Paintings, per cubic foot, in cases,  

Paris Green, in kegs,   

Paris Green, in barrels, per 100 Ibs.,  

Paris White, in barrels,  

Paris White, in casks,  

Peanuts, in sacks,  

Pearl Ash, in casks,  

Pearl Shells, in cases,  

Petroleum barrels, (empty,)   

Pistols, in cases,   

Poppy Seed, in bales,   

Parasol Sticks, in bundles,   

Peas, in barrels   

Peas, per bushel, in bulk,   

Pickles, in barrels,   

Pickles, in cases   

Playing Cards, in cases,  

Plums, in hhds   

Plums, in cases,

Pumice Stone, in barrels,  

Preserved Fruits, in cases,  

Preserved Ginger, in cases,  

Paper Hangings, in cases,   

Paper, (China,) in cases,  

Pipe Clay, in cases  

Persian Berries, in bags or bales,   


 Quinine, (bottles,) in cases,   

Quicksilver, in flasks,  

Quilla Bark, in bags,  

Quinine, Sulphate, in cases,  


Raisins, in boxes,  

Raisins, in  and ½  boxes,  

Raisins, in kegs,   

Raisins, in kegs,   

Rhubarb, in cases,   

Rum, (Jamaica,) in puncheons,   

Rum, (St. Croix,)   

Rum, (Bay,)   

Rotten Stone, in casks,   

Rotten Stone, in hhds.,  

Rags, per 100 Ibs., in bales,  

Rattan, per ton, 2,240 Ibs., in bundles,  

Roman Cement, in barrels,   

Rice, in bags,   

Rice, undressed, in India mats,   

Rice, in tierces,   

Rice, in tierces,   

Red Precipitate, in barrels,   

Raven Duck, in bales,   

Russia Sheetings, in bales,   


Sardines, in cases, \ cases and whole boxes,   

Sardines, in quarter boxes,   

Sago, in cases   

Sarsaparilla, (Honduras,) in bales,   

Sago Flour, in bags,  

Segars, in cases,   

Segars, (loose,) per box, all sizes,   

Segars, in barrels and paper sizes,   

Segars, (Manilla,) in cases,   

Shot, in frails, (of 8 bags,)   

Silks, (India,) in cases,   

Silks, (English.) in cases,   

Silks, (French,) in cases,   

Silks, (Italian,) in cases,   

Silks, (Raw,) in bales,  

Soap, in boxes,   

Soap, (Castile,) in boxes,   

Soap, (Toilet,)   

Straw Goods, in cases,   

String Beans, in cases   

String Beans, in half cases,   

Steel, (Milan,) in boxes  

Steel, (English,) in cases,   

Steel, in bundles, per bundle,   

Skins, (Deer,) Cape, in bales,   

Spelter in plates, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,   

Sugar, (Manilla,) in mats,   

Sugar, (Brazil,) in bags,   

Sugar, (Dutch,) in tierces,   

Sugar, (Raw,) in hhds.,  

Sugar, in boxes,   

Sugar, in baskets, (per 100 Ibs.,)   

Sugar of Lead, in casks,   

Sugar, (Refined,) in barrels,  

Suspenders, in cases,  

Soda, (Caustic,) 600 Ibs., in drums,   

Soda, (Bicarbonate.) in kegs,   

Soda, (Crude,) in bags,   

Soda, (Crystals,) in casks,   

Soda, (Sal,) in tierces,   

Soda Asli, per 100 Ibs., in casks  

Spanish Brown, in casks,   

Spanish Brown, in barrels,   

Storax. in tierces,   

Salmit us, in tierces,   

Saleratus, in barrels,   

Saltpetre, in bags,

Senna, in bales   

Sumac, in bags,   

Slates, in cases,   

Safflower, in bales,

Saffron, in bales,

Salt, per bushel, in bulk,

Salt, in sacks

Sassafras, in bales

Senna Leaves, in bales

Seneca Root, in bags

Sheep Skins, (S. A.,)   

Sheep Skins, (Cape,)   

Snake Root, in bags  

Snuff, in bags  

Sponges, in bales  

Sponges, in cases  

Sticklac, in cases  

Seeds, (Cardamon,) in bales  

Seeds, (Coriander,) in bags  

Seeds, (Canary,)  

Seeds, (Rape,)  

Seeds, (Caraway,)  

Seeds, (Cotton,)   

Seeds, (Fennel,)  

Seeds, (Hemp,)  

Seeds, (Millet,)    

Salmon, in barrels,   

Slates, in crates,   

Seiica, in bags,   

Sail Cloth, packed,

Sail Cloth, in bolts,  

Spirits, in puncheons,


Tin plates, in boxes,  

Tin, (Banca.) per ton, 2,240 Ibs   

Toys, in cases   

Toys, in casks   

Twine, in bales   

Tobacco, in ceroons or bales,  

Tobacco, in cases,

Tonqua Beans, in casks,   

Tonqua Beans, in barrels,  

Touqiui Beans, in cases,   

Tobacco, in libels.,   

Tobacco Stems, in bbds.,   

Tow, (Russia, &c.,) in bales,   


Trees, in boxes,   

Trees, in bundles,   

Tires, Cast Steel,  

Tallow, in bbds.,

Tallow, in barrels,

Tamarinds, preserved, in kegs  

Tapioca, in cases,

Tapioca, in barrels,

Tapioca, in casks,

Tapioca, in bag's,

Teas, (Green,) in -J chests,

Teas, (Black,) in I chests,

Teas, in boxes,

Teasels, in casks,

Talc, in barrels,

Terra, Alba, per 100 Ibs., in casks,

Terra, Sienna, per 100 Ibs., in casks,

Terra, Umber, per 100 Ibs., in casks,

Tartaric Acid, in casks,   

Turpentine, in barrels,   


Ultra Marine, per 100 Ibs., in cases,   

Umber, per 100 Ibs., in casks,   


Valerian, in bales,   

Vermicelli, (Italian,) in cases,   

Vermicelli, (French,) in cases,   

Vinegar, in hhds.,   

Vinegar, in barrels,

Vinegar, in cases,   

Vanilla Beans in cases  

Venetian Red, in barrels,

Verdigris, in barrels,

Verdigris, in casks,

Vermillion, (Chinese,) in cases,

Vitriol, in carboys,

Vermillion, (Trieste,) in kegs,


Whiskey, in puncheons,

Wine, in butts,   

Wine, in pipes,  

Wine, in ½  pipes  

Wine, in ¼ pipes

Wine, in 1/8  pipes,

Wine, (Claret,) 1 doz., in cases,

Wine, (Hock,) 1 doz., in cases,

Wine, ( do. ) 2 doz., in cases,                                                                      

Wine, (Claret and Sauterne,)

Woolens, in casks,

Woolens, in bales,

Wood, Brazilletto, in sticks,  per ton, 2,240 Ibs   

Wood, Supan, do.

Wood, Brazil, do.

Wood, Campeacliy, do.

Wood, Ebony, do.

Wood, Camwood, do.

Wood, Lima, do.

Wood, Cedar, do.  

Wood, Dyewood, do.

Wood, Granadilla, do.

Wood, Logwood, do.

Wood, Nicaragua, do.

Wood, Sandal, do.

Wood, Satin, do.

Wood, Rose, do.

Whalebone, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,               

Whiting, per 100 Ibs., in casks,   

Whiting, in bulk, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.,

Wormseed, in bales,                     

Walnuts, (Malaga,) in bales,       

Walnuts, French, in bags,              

Wool, (South American,) in bales,  

Wool, (Taganrog,) in bales,         

Wool, (Cape,) in bales,                 

Wool, (Bombay,) in bales,           

Wool, (Australian,) in bales,       

Willows, in bundles,                       

White Lead, (25 Ibs.,) in kegs,    

White Lead, (50 Ibs.,) do              

White Lead, (per 100 Ibs.,)          

Watches, See Valuables.

Watch Materials, See Valuables.


Yarn, Coir, (India,) in bales,         

Yarn, do. per 100, in dholls,         

Yarn, do. (Ceylon,) in bales,        

Yarn, do. per 100 ballots,             

Yellow Berries,                                 


Zinc, in pigs or plates, per ton, 2,240 Ibs.               

Zinc, in casks,                                                                    

Zinc, Oxide, in kegs                        

Zinc, Sulphate, in barrels,            

Zinc, in 1/2 casks,                            



Diamonds, one per cent, on appraised value.

Watches,  one per cent, on appraised value.

Watch Materials,  one per cent, on appraised value

Jewelry, (gold,) one per cent, on appraised value


Wrecked goods to be charged fifty per cent, in addition to the above mentioned rates.




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