Audio Bus Tour of Red Hook, January 2020

Spring semester of 2020, PortSide committed to work with Columbia University's graduate Historic Preservation studio focused on the intersection of historic preservation, equity, and resiliency that used Red Hook as a study area. The tour below was PortSide’s first contribution. During about three hours, the tour drove around Red Hook exploring issues of equity and resiliency over a 400 year period.

The audio is unedited and includes some directions to the bus driver.

The main voice you will hear is Carolina Salguero, PortSide’s founder and Executive Director, followed by Professor Avrami.  Wayne is the bus driver who skillfully got the oversize bus through Red Hook’s narrow streets.

Teaching the Columbia Historic Preservation studio were Professor Erica C. Avrami,  Bryony Roberts and Tim Michiels.

PortSide’s Historian/Curator Peter Rothenberg and Carolina Salguero joined students and faculty during their midterm crit via Zoom (the pandemic hit midway through the semester), a subsequent planning discussion with one break-out group, and the final crit.

The final student work includes a summary of their research and recommendations for the future in terms of pilot projects. This work will be shared in this virtual museum when ready for publication.  The research had a lot of useful information about the flood risk to Red Hook buildings in terms of doorway heights above sea level, number of doorways in buildings, building construction material and more.  We were inspired by their work.



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