Soccer off the boats in Redhook, ca. 1958

Soccer off the boats in Redhook... circa late '50s? See that orange arrow? See that field across the street from the pool? Anyone remember foreign crews coming off ships moored nearby (end of Columbia Street?) and them playing SOCCER in that field? Saw it a few times. Somehow my father knew when they's be playing. Very entertaining early soccer right there in Redhook.

Facebook post by Bob D'Amico, 6/16/2020

    Some of the replies:
  • "We all saw them. Wearing black socks with their European look about them. Many Scandinavian looking guys. First time I ever saw the Three stripes of the Addias brand.
  • "Soccer and cricket, but both were played inside the track.
  • "We saw the soccer in the field the arrow head is pointing to. They probably also played in that ‘Lover’s Lane’ field. I remember liking to bicycle around that oval pathway in LL.

  • "my mom worked at Bushey's Dry dock down the end of Long dock so I would walk past those fields often. The men from the ship's at the end of Coffey St would play there.

  •  Once while playing in Lover’s Lane, that chemical plant across the street (In the direction of the highway)... was emitting a very toxic fume that was choking my friends and me. Got out of there quickly!! Never forgot it!
    •  must have been the paint factory with the giant paint can on the roof ...
    •  No... that was Sapolin Paint. This place was literally across the street from Lovers Lane. BTW... I also remember that on the OTHER side of LL... the side towards the grain elevator... the vegetation was the wildest I ever saw in Redhook.

  • Gosh, your bringing back some old memories. My friend mom operated a ice cream wagon.we would go to the games and sell the foreign players ice cream. We also collected soda bottles all over this area back than. Lived on the handball courts. We didn’t have much but somehow we had fun. Sooo long ago. Thanks again for the memories.


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