Eve Mosher Highwater Line project, 2007

"I love new New York, I love everything about the City, I love exploring the City and I would not want to loose one inch of it to climate change" - Eve Mosher

HighWaterLine was a public artwork on the New York city waterfront - including Red Hook, Brooklyn- by Eve Mosher an artist deeply concerned with the affects of climate change. 

During the summer of 2007, she walked, chalked and marked almost 70 miles of coastline creating an immediate visual and local understanding of the affects of climate change. 

"I marked the 10-feet above sea level line by drawing a blue chalk line and installing illuminated beacons in parks. The line marks the extent of increased flooding brought on by stronger and more frequent storms as a result of climate change.

"As I was out in the public creating the work, I had a chance to engage in conversations about climate change and its potential impacts.

Unfortunately, like the chalk itself much of the digital aspects of the project have proven to be ephemeral but enough remains to appreciate the scope of the work.

The map showing were the 10-feet above sea level line (stamped "for development purposes only") reveals how much of Red Hook is vulnerable to being reclaimed by the water.

Video, HighWaterLine captures vingettes of Eve Mosher as she makes the line and the public's reaction.


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