Frank's Bike Shop

Frank's Bike Shop

From their flyer:
“Bicycle repairs shop, new and used bicycles, bicycle accessories and parts.“

As biking soared during the pandemic, this 2020 start-up was a welcome addition. Super friendly Frank, accompanied by his tiny dog, offer great service with a neighborhood feel.  For example, spring 2021, customers can get a free pumpkin plant from the seedlings that sprouted where the Halloween pumpkins were in the treewell - that kind of neighborhood feel. Frank has added a tiny koi pond in the treewell and plans to plant a grapevine to grow over the doorway.

Located in the back of the gas station that is on Van Brunt, corner of Delevan. The graffiti artist painting of one of the "come play with us" girls from The Shining predates the bike shop, that is not his branding!

Address: 80 Delevan St. Brooklyn, NY, 11231
Phone: (929) 329-8367

No website.  No social media. Old school.


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