Greetings Tour Mural

The Red Hook Mural was created as a part of the Greetings Tour Duo's mission to create murals in all 50 states.

Using a postcard letter style, "they work with communities to create colorful murals featuring local landmarks, history and culture."

The Greetings Tour team is made up of Muralist Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs. Working to complete their mission, they have been traveling around the country in their RV since 2015. So far, they have painted 40 murals in 20 states. (As of 7/28/2020)

The mural that can be found on Seabring St. was painted in 2014. Indicative of the culture of Red Hook, the R with the large hook is symbolic of both the neighborhood and its history of importance as a cargo port, the E brings to mind the Water Taxis, and the H with the lobster is another maritime reference.

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