Farina nyc: Southern Italian pizzeria

Farina nyc makes artisan, southern Italian, grandma-style pizza.  Their dough, as they say on their website, is "made from a carefully crafted blend of 7 different types of flour, so we can achieve the most flavorful and fragrant crust."   
There pizzas are not round but squarish or "Irregolare"

The oven is another vital ingredient.  Built in 1856, it was used by the John Grace Bakery and then during some renovation was walled over and forgotten.  In 2015 Pizza Moto, moved into the space and fortuitously rediscovered the oven.  It was that oven that motivated chef Tony Pisaniello to open up Farina in 2023 when the space became available.

Website: farinanyc.com  Menu
Hours:   Wednesday - Monday: 5PM - 1OPM, closed Tuesday

Address: 338 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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