Coffey Street

Coffey Street was originally Partition Street.

Partition Street ran, in part, along raised land separating areas prone to flooding.  Local residents would leave their small boats near Partition Street. 

On November 30 1891, the street was renamed Coffey Street after Alderman Michael J. Coffey.  Coffey represented the 12 Ward, that included Red Hook.  He was still in office when the name changed:

"Alderman McGrath offered a resolution changing the 
name of Partition street to Coffey street.
'Omit the swamp part of that' said Alderman Coffey.
The resolution was adopted.:

(“The Alderman”, Brooklyn Daily Eagle  December 1, 1891)

Michael Coffey, was born in Ireland but grew up in Red Hook.  Upon gradution he became a ship-cauker, then served in the US Navy during the American Civil War.  After the Navy he entered politics.  During his tenure Red Hook was sometimes known as 'Coffeevillle'.  He was largely responsible for Coffey Park,  which was originally named Red Hook Park, in part because Coffey had had fallen out with the Democratic leadership. Later in his life his busisness was dock building. 

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