Olaf the Cat fell off a Ship and was Rescued, 1929

"It seems there is a tradition at sea that a lost mascot means a lost member of the crew shortly after. Even worse, a lost mascot on the first voyage spells constant disaster for the ship in the future.
     So Captain Boettger ordered ship put about. Olaf’s fellow seamen manned a lifeboat in record time and pulled at the oars hard, turning the lifeboat toward that small, dark object bobbing up and down in the big waves. 
     Soon Olaf was lying on something solid again and two hefty Norwegian sailors, under the direction of the second mate, T. Anderson, were pumping air into his lungs and salt water out to the rhythmic up and down movement taught in first-aid manuals.      
     The Sud Americana, sister ship of the Sud Expresso, steamed up to Pier 44 at the foot of Conover Street, Brooklyn, with Olaf standing in the bow, head and tail up, purring softly to himself. He will leave in a few days on the Sud Americana's maiden voyage to Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo and Buenos, Janeiro, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and other points south."

Street Address:

Pier 44 foot Conover [map]

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