Public School 676

PS 676
27 Huntington Stree

This was formerly known as PS 27, and Red Hook old-timers still call it that. They have been using the moniker Red Hook Neighborhood School, but that may change as they actively work to reinvent them selves.  (The Summit Academy charter school is co-located in the same building.)
A new PS 676 principal Priscilla Figueroa arrived Spring 2018, along with many new staff, and the school is undergoing dynamic change and growth and working with an increasing array of thoughtful partners.

PortSide began working closely with this school in late 2018 which inspired them to become a maritime themed school.  See our blog: Exciting PortSide PS 676 partnership

Search our Mary A. Whalen Facebook page for examples of PortSide programming with the school. We offer some examples here and here.

One of the new partners the Nets Project describes the needs of the school population and some of the support it is receiving.

PS 676
27 Huntington Street, Brooklyn 11231

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