FDNY--Engine 202/Ladder 101

FDNY Engine 202/Ladder 101 Battalion 32 is located at 31 Richards Street, right near the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel Street entrance.  They are known as the Red Hook Raiders.  

Engine 202 and Ladder 101 went into service as Engine 2 and Ladder 1 on September 15, 1869 -  the year the Brooklyn Fire Department was established. On that day, the City of Brooklyn replaced its volunteer fire department with a fully paid force.  Prior to 1960 they were located at 199 Van Brunt Street.  That building is now occupied by Friends of Firefighters a service organization for the aid of firefighters.  The locations of both that house  and the present one were chosen for their proximity  to the Red Hook docks, where warehouse, cargo and factory fires were once a significant concern.  

Our firemen: the official history of the Brooklyn Fire Department, published in 1892, provides a history of these fire companies when Red Hook, Brooklyn was a major shipping and manufacturing center.

 Engine Company No. 2, located at Van Brunt and Seabring Streets, adjoining the house of Truck No. 1 was organized when the Paid Department was created. The two-story, brick double house is familiar to thousands of people who have occasion to traverse Red Hook Point. There, for nearly a quarter of a century, the two companies, lying side by side, have protected millions of dollars worth of property. The history of Engine No. 2 is the history of the early days of the Department. It is also closely identified with the history of the Twelfth Ward. The residents of that section have long looked upon it as one of their institutions, and without it Red Hook Point would not appear like itself. When the company was first located there, that section was sparsely settled, but it offered admirable facilities for manufacturing purposes. One of the finest waterfronts in the world was the inducement that attracted many large manufacturing firms in New York, and in fact from all over the country, to locate there. Besides that it was within five minutes' walk of Hamilton Ferry. In a short time, immense factories and warehouses grew up with surprising rapidity. Now it is by far the greatest manufacturing centre in the city. Among the large industries that give employment to hundreds, who live in, and go to make up the large resident population of the region, are the stove works of the Richardson & Boynton Company, the factory of the Chesboro Vaseline Manufacturing Company, Worthington's Hydraulic Pump Works, the Pioneer Iron Works, the Lidgerwood Iron Works, the South Brooklyn Machine Company, the India Wharf Brewing Company, J. M. Williamson's Drop Forging Works, P. H. Gill's Elevator Works, Casey's Rosin Works, the South Brooklyn Fire Brick Manufactory, and many other large concerns. Besides these are the immense storehouses that line the water-front, including those of the Beard estate, the Robinson estate, the Atlantic Dock Company, the Erie Basin Stores, Findlay's Stores, and the Long Dock Stores. Added to these are the large ship-building concerns located along the bay, and thousands of vessels, large and small, that are continually loading and unloading their cargoes there. It is estimated that more goods are handled at the Atlantic Dock and Erie Basin than at any other similar places in the country. Recently the Inman and White Star Steamship Companies have purchased property in the district, and before long it will be the headquarters of these and other large lines of transatlantic steamship companies.

Engine 202/Ladder 101 was one of the first to respond to the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.  Ladder 101 lost all seven men who answered that call that day. 

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The companies celebrated their 150th year of service in 2019.

For more on the companies' history see Dispatcher 350 Mike Boucher's Red Hook And It’s Fire Department 130 Years Of Service 1869-1995


Company photo from the Brooklyn edition of  Our Firemen, 1892

Company photo from the Brooklyn edition of Our Firemen, 1892

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Celebration of 150 years in service, Octover 15 2019

Celebration of 150 years in service, Octover 15 2019

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Street Address:

Engine 202/Ladder 101
31 Richards Street
Brooklyn NY 11203
[Emergency: dial 911] [map]

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