Lightship No 84, sunken Red Hook Landmark

Lightship No 84, sunk off old Revere Sugar dock in 1997. Its tall masts remained sticking up out of the water for 12 years, a reminder of what will happen when a boat is not cared for.

Built in 1907, the ship served for many years as a floating lighthouse, marking dangers to navigation.  After years of service in 1968, it was decomissioned and donated to a seafaring school in Maryland.  In 1987 it was sold to and towed to Yonkers to become a restaurant.  That plan fell through and it was left near the Tappan Zee Bridge where it was spotteted and aquired by the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum.  The museum sold it a few years later when they were given a different lightship in much better shape.   After overstaying its welcome at Caddell's Dry Dock - the new owners did not want it back - it ended up moored to the Revere Sugar dock.  There it could have remained afloat with regular pumping, but not receiving that -it sunk.


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