Brooklyn: Hamilton Avenue - Woodhull Street

(Image 1)
105 Hamilton Avenue, east side, between Woodhull and Summit Streets, showing the Seamen's Goodwill Mission
of the Brooklyn Church and Mission.
June 6, 1931
Photo by P. L. Sperr

(Image 2)
Another view of the mission and adjoining building, looking north on Hamilton Avenue from Woodhull Street.
March 27, 1937
Photo by P. L. Sperr

(Image 3)
The same as view 2 and showing, in addition, s clearance to Summit Street. The buildings that were contiguous to the mission house were demolished.
October 21, 1939
Photo by P. L. Sperr


1931; 1937; 1939

Street Address:

Hamilton Avenue & Woodhull Street, Brooklyn, NY [map]

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