American Petroleum & Transport, Inc.

While fueling the large array of boats that are clients of American Petroleum & Transport, Captain Rich Naruszewicz also delivers harbor gossip and wisecracks.

American Petroleum is in the business of delivering fuel within the harbor. They have two tugs, two barges and a new, small tanker, the CHANDRA B, which replaced the CAPTAIN’S LOG. 

The tugs and barges deliver heating oil to the Bayside Fuel terminals in the Gowanus Canal, Newtown Creek, and their Bay Shore Parkway facility. PortSide NewYork’s tanker MARY A. WHALEN used to do that same work for Bayside.

American Petroleum’s other work, done by the CHANDRA B, is central to the heart of the harbor: fueling many vessels that operate locally, a wide array of excursion boats and ferries that includes Circle Line, the Governors Island ferry, the New York Water Taxi, Classic Harbor Line's sail and power boats, and Hornblower’s fleet. 

The CHANDRA B's captain Rich Naruszewicz was a tankerman on the MARY A. WHALEN in the 1980s. Rich now delivers fuel to the MARY via the CHANDRA B.  Rich was the captain of a fast ferry on 9/11.  He particpated in the boatlift and evacuated thousands of people. He lost count at 5,000.

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