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PortSide NewYork created this Red Hook WaterStories product.

PortSide is a maritime non-profit founded in Red Hook in 2005.

Our goal is to create a waterfront center with a landing for boats, a home for the MARY A. WHALEN, and more programs and services in building space adjoining the vessels.


PortSide NewYork is a living lab for better urban waterways. PortSide brings WaterStories to life.

We combine the working waterfront, public access and community development.

PortSide brings the communities ashore and afloat together, for the benefit of all.

PortSide NewYork produces and hosts WaterStories programs in arts, education, preservation, resiliency, workforce and harbor advocacy on and off our flagship, the historic tanker MARY A. WHALEN.

We won a White House award and honors from the NYS Senate for our hurricane Sandy recovery work.

Our ship is closed to the public due to the corona virus. We are looking into how to run TankerTime by reservation and are prioritizing local partner schools. If there are time slots beyond that, we'll make those available. Please stand by.

PortSide has created a Pandemic PopUp Park public space next to our ship. It is shaded by 9 large umbrellas donated by IKEA and has 9 bistro tables, 22 chairs, flowering plants, a sprinkler (you control the on/off), balls and chalk for kids to use on site, and string lights along the fence at night. To get take-out delivered to this location, see this Google map of Red Hook businesses.

Check out virtual programming from around the world we recommend for COVID19 period. Check back, our Curator keeps updating this.

We post a lot of content on our Facebook page MARY A. WHALEN and live stream the sunset there every day starting around 15 minutes before sunset (that changes over time, so check the time of sunset).

To support our programs in this time, please visit our webpage DONATE

Street Address:

Atlantic Basin Pier 11. Closest corner is Pioneer and Conover Streets. [map]

Official Website:


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