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Explore The Mary A. Whalen by clicking on the links below and hearing about her places and people.  Or read a guide in English, FrenchGermanSpanishItalian, Urdu

  • Plimsoll Line  

    Edwin Poling (he and his family ran  oil tankers like the MARY A WHALEN) comments: "When running heating oil in the harbor, we used to load those tankers decks awash to carry more product. Load line was observed in coastwise trade."  The Poling Brother's crew included Paul Dyrland, father of Alf Dyrland, a captain of the MARY.
  • Deck
  • Tankermen's Cabin
  • Fidley
  • Galley

  • Engine Room
  • Captain's Cabin

  • Wheelhouse
  • Historical Significance

  • Crew
  • Chiclet

A – Tankermen's Cabin (2 bunks) 
B – Mate's Cabin + one  (2 bunks).
C – Cook & Able Bodied Seaman's Cabin
          (Spaces B+C were combined into one office space by the last owner and are now main PortSide office space)
D – Fidley, a space over an engine or boiler
E – Paint & Gyro Compass locker (now electrical locker)
F – Officer’s Head (“head” is the maritime word for both bathroom and toilet)
G – Galley, the name for the kitchen on a ship.
H – Crew’s Head (“head” is the maritime word for both the bathroom and a toilet)
I –  Assistant Engineer + one crew member's cabin. (This was converted to an office space by last owner and is office of our President)
J –  Engineer's cabin

A downloadable pdf version of the guide to THE MARY A. WHALEN is available in English, FrenchGermanItalianSpanish, and Urdu

 - We know there is a whole world of languages, these are just the translations we have so far.   If you know another language and are willing to do a translation for us please let us know!  We are also looking for someone to do an American Sign Language video tour of the ship for us. Reach us at

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