Red Hook Food

Red Hook Food has replaced the Family Food Center that had previoiusly been at that location.

Inside this unassuming store, Rahim Mohamed makes uncommon "Ocki sandwiches" with pop tarts, snacks, whatever except pork, added to them according to customer requests. He and the sandwiches are now Tik Tok famous. He goes by 'General Ock,' paying tribute to his native Yemen.  "It's brother in Arabic, this is the brother way," Mohamed said.

Rahim Mohamed's Tik Tok
Rahim Mohamed's Instagram

From small to big, media outlets have been telling the story including:

mel magazine
ABC Eyewitness News
The New York Post

603 Clinton Street, Brooklyn NY, 11231

(347) 721-3665


  • Rahim Mohamed's Tik Tok

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