VIA PORT OF NEW YORK, promotional film by Port of New York Authority, 1950s

"A modern port is made up of many things, one of the most important besides the fact that a good port must be a good natural harbor for ships, is the vast array of manmade contrivances for the physical handling of goods, goods of all kinds, goods that pour into the port for export from the great to productive land behind it, or for import from across the sea in front of it."

The film, written by Oeveste Granducci, shows and explains the workings of the Port of New York and New Jersey around the 1950s.  Little of the footage is clearly identifiable as Red Hook, with one possible exception (just past the 3 minute mark) of the New York Dock Railway,  but the moving of cargo by bulk and barged boxcars, for example, are Red Hook water stories.  

A transcript of the film can be found at University of North Texas's digital library.  Periscope Film has uploaded their copy of the film to the Internet Archive and some description of the film can be found there as well.   


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