Warehouse and Basin of the Atlantic Dock, Brooklyn, 1851

A drawing of the Atlantic Basin's warehouse and docks by Wade, for Gleason's Pictorial, 1851. The tall structures shown by the water's edge at right are grain elevators, used to move loose grain from the ship to the warehouse.


Text: Atlantic Dock, Brooklyn NY "The Atlantic Dock is a square basin surrounded by granite stone, and is capable of holding several hundred ships at once. This Dock is situated in South Brooklyn, near the South Ferry, facing what is called Butter Milk Channel and Governor’s Island. As a work of service and undoubted excellence, it compares favorably with anything in this country. The introduction of the wharehousing system for bonded goods has made it indispensable. The view drawn for us by Wade, is taken looking south-west, giving Red Hook and Staten Island in the distance. “ View File Details Page



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  • Warehouse and Basin of the Atlantic Dock, Brooklyn
    Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion, 1851 https://archive.org/stream/gleasonspictoria01glea#page/137/mode/1up (accessed 2016)

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