Tickle Engineering Works

The Arthur Engineering Works was located at 21 Delavan Street. In the 1920s Arthur together with Howard B. Tickle, ran an engineering shop building and repairing ships.

Texts from an ad in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1946:

“The Tickle Engineering Works offer the following services: Piers Completely Equipped for Vessel Repairs, Turbine and Diesel Machinists, Refrigeration, Licensed Boiler Welders, Blacksmiths, Precision Cylindrical Grinding, Pipe Fitters, Metal Spraying.”

“Over 2100 ships were sped from the docks of Arthur Tickle Engineering Works to battle areas during the war years. These included the stem-to-stern conversions of the Hospital Ship USAHS Aleda E. Lutz; USS Pontiac; MV Carnarvon Castle; USAT Colomhie; USAT Kota Inten; USAT Cape Canso; MV Marcchal Joffre; USADS Lock Knot, and USADS Blenheim. Each of these ships required an assortment of techniques and facilities that we are proud to have been able to provide.
U. S. Navy Certificate of Achievement December — 1945”


  • Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Bulletin, Volume III,

    … p. 90

    Brooklyn Eagle, June 9, 1946

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