Mr. Forbes’s steamer FLAMBEAU docked in Atlantic Basin. 1861

"Flambeau is owned by Mr. FORBES, of Boston, and is intended for the China Seas. The dimensions of the hull, which was built by LAWRENCE & FOULKS, are one hundred and sixty-five feet keel; one hundred and eighty feet on deck; breadth, thirty feet ; depth of lower hold, eleven and a-half feet; between decks, seven feet. The engine and boilers were built by HENRY ESSLER & Co., of the Atlantic Works, Atlantic Basin, Brooklyn. Engine over-head beam, cylinder fifty inches diameter; stroke of piston, five feet. The propeller shaft is driven by three heavy wheels, with wooden cogs, making two and three-quarter revolutions to one of the engine. The steam is condensed by one of SEWELL's Patent Surface Condensers, which returns to the boilers all the used-in steam, perfectly fresh. A limited number of guests were on board. There was a bountiful and excellent lunch furnished by her liberal owner, to which ample justice was done. Everything passed off in a very agreeable manner, and all were highly pleased with the excursion."


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