Barber Lines & Co, Pier 36 , ca. 1919

Photo of Barber Lines & Co at Pier 36, Atlantic Basin.

Herbert and James Barber started their company in 1886, incorporating as Barber & Company in 1902.  The company had several subsidiaries and off-shoots including the Barber Steamship Lines which, starting in 1917, ran their steam shipping business.  The company traded generally all over the world.  They maintained regular freight service to China, Japan, Vladivostok, the Straits, France, South Africa, and Australia. 

Supporting their steamship lines, Barber owned several related businesses in Red Hook including:
  • Atlantic Piers Company
  • Pier Machine Works
  • Atlantic Stevedoring Company
  • Barber Sailing Ship Lines
  • Atlantic Towing Company

The Atlantic Piers Company operated and controlled Piers No. 36, 37, 38 Atlantic Basin, Brooklyn with a capacity of 12 to 14 steamers with extensive warehouse facilities.

The Piers Machine Works were located on Pier 36


May-June 1919

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  • Image: New York Historical Society

    Info: America's Maritime Progress. J. W. Leonard,Editor.   New York Marine News Company, 1920 Original from the New York Public Library. (Accessed 2016)

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