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Seaman's handbook for Shore Leave , by United States Merchant Marine’s  Social Service Bureau. Custom House, published in 1920 listed sailor’s homes – places were sailors could get a bed and sometimes a meal for a night  - from...

In 1866, two men and a dog from Red Hook, set sail in a metal life-boat rigged like a sailing ship.   Captain Hudson and Mr. Fitch were out to prove the seaworthiness of the lifeboat , RED WHITE AND BLUE, designed by Brooklyn's Oliver Roland...

The CHANDRA B is a 79 ft by 23 ft double-hull bunkering tanker  and part of American Petroleum Transport's fleet of service vessels that work the New York Harbor. As part of APT's fleet, the CHANDRA B delivers fuel to many of the vessels in the...

Subjects: Maritime

The Red Hook Flats Anchorage in New York Harbor was constructed to accommodate ocean going cargo ships and tankers. It provides a spot for ships to anchor off shore. To suit ships of different depths portions of it are 35, 40, and 45 feet deep. 

Subjects: Maritime

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